From Mermaid Photo Shoots to Submerged Fashiontography

 - Jan 11, 2013
The ocean comes as the inspiration for us in many areas of our lives from art to fashion and this collection of under the sea editorials will have you dreaming of a life in the deep blue. When something is underwater, it takes on a weightless, angel-like appearance, which is something that the fashion industry constantly attempts to imitate with light fabrics and vivid photography.

Moreover, there are a number of mermaid-inspired shoots here that exude a playful sense of mysticism; this relates heavily to fashion photography as the scenes shot are usually ethereal and unlike anything you'd see in the real world. Moving to land, there are a few pictorials that feature luxe models on the seashore, which helps reinforce the concept of re-birth and how the clothing is as fresh as a fisherman's catch.