From Heavy Pistol Replicas to FemShep Barbie Dolls

 - Jul 26, 2012
Love for the science fiction video game series Mass Effect is immense, and unsurprisingly, a slew of Mass Effect products have been made to honor and capitalize on the BioWare franchise’s popularity. From heavy duty iPhone cases to LEGO recreations of the spacecrafts found within the game, both BioWare and fans are finding ingenious ways to bring Mass Effect into people’s everyday lives rather than simply containing Commander Shepard and crew to a digital world.

For instance, one talented Mass Effect fan by the name of Christie Schott illustrated designs for hoodies that replicated the in-game costumes of beloved heroes. BioWare loved the fan art so much that they’ve begun producing the sweaters as part of their line of official Mass Effect products.

There are also Mass Effect Barbie dolls, toy guns, animated parodies and even memes!