From Fried Macaroni Burger Buns to Savory Macaroni Cupcakes

 - Oct 11, 2013
Macaroni and cheese is one of those nostalgic comfort foods that both children and adults just seem to love, and these mac and cheese variations are offering foodies some creative ways to infuse this childhood dish into other more exciting recipes.

While mac and cheese is infamously associated with the Kraft variety that simply requires some boiling water and a stove, these inventive macaroni recipes are showcasing more decadent ways to infuse this comfort food into other dishes. From gourmet burgers topped with gooey noodles and cheese to overloaded pasta pies and macaroni cupcakes, these delectable mac and cheese variations will definitely have any food enthusiast craving a bite.

A creative way to infuse your favorite comfort food into other dishes, these scrumptious mac and cheese variations will definitely have you stuffed and satisfied.