- Apr 1, 2011
When I think of luxury cameras, I can't help but think of Leica. The German camera company has a knack for creating high-priced cameras that stun the senses with their unique and elegant designs, while simultaneously blowing the mind of the person who could never dream of dropping more than a couple hundred bucks on a camera.

Leica may be the only company bold enough to sell a Hermes-branded M7 for $14,000. If you are looking for something retro-chic (and potentially hipster), there's always the 1923 Leica that sold for an astounding $500,000 plus at auction. This top list is dedicated to all of the luxurious Leicas that make us go "ohh" and "ahh" when we see them and "argh" when we find out the price.

From $14,000 Cameras to Car-Branded Luxury DSLRs: