From Record-Breaking LTE Services to LTE Christmas Gift Platforms

 - Dec 8, 2014
These LTE Data innovations range from record-breaking internet services to internet-gifting web platforms that replace traditional holiday presents with hours of web access.

Standouts from this LTE Data Innovations list include the Bolt Super4G Data Service that has taken the Indonesian market by storm. Bolt Super4G's tremendous success happened overnight and includes a total of 750,000 subscribers. Bolt's consumers were obtained during a short, ten month period and largely as a result of their popular 'Mi-Fi' hotspots.

Other examples from this list include Nokia, China Mobiles and Ooredoo Qatar's LTE Advanced networks that reached a record-breaking speed of 4.1 Gbps. This network upgrade was available through 10 carriers. Moreover, the record of these LTE Advanced networks beat out a previous top speed of 3.78 Gbps.