Karma Go Lets You Take the Internet Everywhere

Brought to you by Karma

Karma Go is a next-generation Internet hotspot device that is set to revolutionize the way you use the Internet by literally putting WiFi connectivity in your pocket, liberating you from reliance on Internet providers. The compact 56-gram device lets you keep up to eight devices connected to the Internet no matter where you may be in the USA.

The device's development was provoked by Karma CEO/Founder Steven van Wel's frustration with the status quo of mobile Internet connectivity, and his belief that getting online should be made easy and inexpensive. That's exactly what Karma Go offers. "With the Internet in your pocket, you choose when and where and how you get online," van Wel says. "It's a new kind of freedom."

With Karma Go, you only pay for data that you use, at the very reasonable rate of $10 - $14/GB (you save when you buy in bulk). You can top off your data as much or as little as you need without having to commit to a contract or monthly plan. Users who share their connection with others are rewarded with free data. Indeed Karma Go encourages people to "take back the Internet" and share it with those who need it, rather than treat it as an asset to be jealously guarded and secreted away.

The Karma Go is designed to be incredibly easy to use -- it doesn't have any wires and has a single power button that connects your laptops, tablets and smartphones to hyper-fast Internet via a 4G LTE data connection. Its design reflects the company's commitment to simplicity and ease of use.

With its hitherto unseen combination of performance, compactness and value, Karma Go and its movement of Internet independence are ready to revolutionize the way we get online. The Karma Go is available for online pre-order here.