From Citrus Cupcakes to Pre-Made Vodka-Lemon Drinks

 - Jul 20, 2012
From the lemonade stands of your childhood to the vodka-mixed citrus drink of your adult years, lemonade creations seem to follow many people throughout their lives. Especially delicious during scorching summer days and nights, this tart, refreshing drink has manifested into many different pieces, from clothing to cupcakes.

Looking to bring this familiar taste with you out on the town this weekend? Why not try a candy-coated cocktail, complete with a sweet citrus twist. Feeling a bit more domestic? Check out the DIY lemonade cupcakes and satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you're the party girl or the at-home hermit, lemonade will suit your plans perfectly.

The appeal of this sweet and sour sipper comes from its versatility and ability to keep you refreshed and cool. Beat the heat this weekend with any of these lemonade creations.