- Jan 31, 2010   Updated: Jun 16 2011
Like it or not, the LeBron vs. Kobe puppets have become a staple in our ESPN-saturated culture. Not familiar with the puppets, or Kobe or LeBron for that matter? Well, that is why we have the LeBron and Kobe cluster to help you brush up on your pro basketball knowledge.

Check out all of the Kobe and LeBron innovations, from college superstar sneaks to baller models.

Implications - While sports and gaming may not be for everyone, prodigal superstar athletes make for lovable pop culture icons who inspire and drive consumption in many industries. These athletes have the whole package from looks to extraordinary talent and highly documented personal lives -- elements that make them extremely marketable for companies looking to up their profiles or catch the tailwind of their influence.

In Honor of the Lebron vs. Kobe Puppets: