- Sep 21, 2010   Updated: Jun 20 2011
From songstress to actress, Kylie Minogue has been through it all; from her groundbreaking singles in the 80s to her hot tunes of the 21st century, Kylie had paved the way to stardom with relentless effort and style.

Like many celebrities, Kylie Minogue continues to promote and support causes. Check out these wicked Kylie Minogue features and see how the starlet has developed through the years.

Implications - Celebrities can be important communication tools as they act as figureheads for certain ideals. Mascots serve a similar function as they're also identifiable symbols that the general public associates with particular values. Corporations looking to better communicate their corporate image may consider employing some sort of figurehead and marketing it in ways the company sees fit.

From Ethereal Pop Star Photography to $35 Million Parties: