Kylie Robotics Celebrate Evolution

 - Nov 17, 2007
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Kylie Minogue has officially launched her own Facebook application. Kylie Robotics lets Facebookers who have downloaded the app send "Kyliebots" to their friends. Fans can either send pre-made cartoon Kylies, or make their own.

The intention? Publicity I would assume.

Kylie Minogue has reinvented herself over the decades, keeping up with current fads in order to continue to appeal to the broadest demographic possible. As an ode to her ability to constantly reset herself, there are pre-existing Kyliebots "covering every era of Kylie's illustrious career including the very latest Kylie X!" her site explained.

Utilizing the web to boost her star power belongs to the best things the singer has done for her career.

"Due to regulations on Facebook, Kylie now has the maximum amount of friends on her official page so unfortunately she can't accept anymore," the official site explained. "However you can still be a member of her Facebook group where we have all the latest Kylie news, photos and videos."

The Aussie singer has been quick to embrace web 2.0 and is using a range of platforms to boost her image on the web, from the creation of her blog last month, to the application installed today.