- Jun 21, 2013
The Kimye baby received too much media attention even before she was born. Now that the pop culture royal has finally entered the real world, the masses can't help but wonder to what extent her glamorous parents will spoil her. Some parents will take spoiling their kids to another level, so what kind of high-end baby couture or high chair will the Kimye baby will be spotted in?

A special-edition high chair that is decked out in Swarovski crystals might suit Kimye's fine taste. The "I can sit" high chairs are completely bedazzled and have a silver seat base. It would not be a surprise if Kimye's high-profile baby dined in one of these high-end chairs.

Or what about something as small and simple as pacifiers? They, too, deserve special attention. The ITSMYBINKY luxury pacifier has 278 pave-cut diamonds worth 3 carats, attached to a 14K European white gold base. The baby that is pampered with this $17,000 pacifier will be sucking on a high-grade, genuine silicone nipple. The colors of diamonds are customizable too, which raises the question of what Kim's favorite color is.

To Celebrate the Kimye Baby While Anticipating Future Public Appearances: