From Smashed Masterpieces to Colortastic Kicks

 - Nov 10, 2011
These killer crayon art pieces are proof that a crayon, when put in the right hands, can be as artistic as any paint brush or hammer and chisel. While art made with Crayola crayons is not particularly popular, I do believe it has the chance to go mainstream sometime soon.

Even if you don't consider a coloring book a work of art, it's hard to argue the artistic merits of Diem Chau's amazing crayon sculptures. While sculptures do seem to make up the majority of these killer crayon art pieces, there are many drawings and sketches for those who like to stay true to their childhood. As someone who posses no artistic skill whatsoever it's nice to see creatives using simple tools to create wonderful works of art. Maybe there's hope for the artistically inept after all.