Costas Schuler's 'Mercedes Pens Art Car' Will Take you To Pentopia

 - Feb 26, 2009
References: pen-guy.blogspot
California graphic designer Costas Schuler spent three and a half years collecting more than 10,000 discarded pens. He glued the pens on an old Mercedes to create his ‘Mercedes Pens Art Car.’

Schuler is on a mission to reduce the number of discarded pens that make it to the landfill. All pens are fair game: ball point pen, the marker, the dry erase, the felt tip, and any other pen that may come into being and fall into disuse.

Schuler wants to find new ways to use old pens. He wonders about a house built entirely from old pens, insulation made from the Crayola ink-holding foam, of the potential of clothing died with ink extracted from old pens, and of pillows stuffed with pen springs. 

If you have a good idea, get in touch with ‘the Pen Guy,’ and let him know!