From Passport-Stamped Kicks to Faux Desert Footwear

 - Jun 14, 2011
You know your hipster transformation is nearly complete when you find yourself clicking through all of these killer Clarks creations. For those of you that don't know, Clarks is a British shoe company famous for their desert boots, making this hipster reference a little more evident.

Regardless of whether you wear v-necked flannels or not, however, you can't deny that Clarks makes a really, really mean shoe. The Clarks featured here are some of the most creative shoes ever to be created by the company. I'm not talking hand-stitched-unicorn-leather creative either; I'm talking boots-covered-in-grass-and-passport-stamps creative. I love the tamer Teak Destroyed Desert Boots myself, but there is nothing wrong with experimenting with grass every once in a while. These featured shoes are sure to turn you into a Clarks fan.