From Kid Entertainment Platforms to Educational Video Apps

 - Sep 1, 2015
These examples of kids streaming content range from all-encompassing entertainment platforms -- equipped with video, gaming and educational content -- to kid-focused web networks that offer on-demand programming for different age levels.

Standouts include PBS Kids' free video streaming service and Disney's 'Disney Movies Anywhere' platform. While PBS' cost-free service is designed to encourage early learning among young viewers, Disney's platform appeals to a myriad of age groups -- offering countless titles from both the animation studio's cartoon and feature film library.

Other favorites include more accessible apps like PlayKids' -- one of South America's most popular video and gaming platforms that offers educational content for kids who are on the go. Thanks to parents' tech obsession, kids are becoming exposed to multiple devices at an early age. In an attempt to make screen time more valuable for young viewers, parents are searching for kids streaming services that offer customization and educational content. While many are striving for educational features, others are easing the lives of parents with curated playlist options and secure features that ensure online safety for kids.