- Jun 14, 2012
If coffee is your life's blood, chances are these Kahula-spiked treats will have you drooling like there's no tomorrow. The rich coffee liqueur has experienced a comfortable level of popularity for years. It's part in the classic White Russian cocktail has made it a mainstay in liquor cabinets everywhere. But Kahula has proven without a shadow of a doubt that it's just as useful in the kitchen as it is in the bar.

From burgeoning bags of caramel corn dosed in Kahlua to White Russian Cupcakes, this coffee liqueur has made quite a name for itself amongst the baking savvy set. Its syrupy consistency makes it a dream to bake with, and its rich, full-bodied flavor brings a whole new dimension to a bevy of tried and true dishes.

While nothing quite beats Kahlua and milk over ice, these Kahlua-spiked treats come pretty close to stealing the crown.

From Iconic Slacker Sweets to Alcoholic Whipped Cream: