Get Wild and Crazy Knocking Back These Tasty Jello Shots

 - Nov 11, 2012
Take your Jello shots to the next level by incorporating interesting twists to a classic booze-filled recipe.

It's easy to put scoops of spiked gelatin into an ice tray and freeze it for your guests, but I'm sure they would appreciate it a lot more if you added a bit of flair. For instance, pouring your boozy liquids into the interior of a strawberry so people get a tart fruity taste mixed with the fun wiggle and jiggle of the gelatin. Even placing your alcohol squiggles on a skewer will add a bit of pizzazz to a played-out party snack.

If you find yourself a bit on the lazy side, the easiest jello shots can be made by using beer flavored jello. All you have to do is form it into blobs and serve.