From Polished Plush Couture to Strong Sicilian Editorials

 - Sep 16, 2012
After Dolce & Gabbana's authoritative domination of the fall editorial season, the ideal of Italian Alta Moda has come into the spotlight with seemingly unstoppable force.

This aesthetic references the country's rich culture to create visuals and haute couture of the most detailed opulence. This look of unapologetic luxury is a bold statement coming from Italian fashion houses, given their current economic hardships. Each house's vision has adhered to a fantastically decadent vanguard as if not only to aspire, but also to return to the romanticism of classic Italian beauty. Paying tribute and utilizing cultural heirlooms makes the appeal of this predominant aesthetic treasured beyond its obvious luxury.

Each of the looks in this compiled list pay tribute to the inimitable tasteful excess of Italian Alta Moda and leave an inescapable desire to become a bella dona.