From Wireless WiFi TVs to Hybrid Computer Gamepads

The International Consumer Electronics show is an avidly anticipated event by any individual that considers themselves to be riding the tides of technological innovation; this update will allow those that may not have had time to get their feet wet this year with 12 mind-numbing inventions from CES 2012.

From refrigerators that can keep track of your groceries and chill your beer in approximately five minutes to flat screen WiFi TVs that can be carried around your home to your most comfortable locations, inventions from CES 2012 can have one’s futuristic imaginations start coming to life. PCs have upped their game with transparent touch pad laptops that make it easier to manage social networking and keep up with current events, while 3D printing has become suitable for home use. These are just a few creatively conspired gadgets that will add efficiency to daily living.

Prodigy companies seem to be using inventions from CES 2012 as an instrument to gain momentum this year, and the kings of the tech industry are going to have to watch the throne a lot more cautiously.