From Melting Monsters to Water Drop Lighting

 - May 30, 2009   Updated: Jun 8 2011
Sometimes creativity just flows out of people, and this fluidity of imaginative thought has manifested itself into a ton of art and cool inventions that literally drip with vision. 

From water drop lighting to psychedelic melting monsters, take a good look at the gallery above to delve deeper into 20 dripping and melting inventions and maybe come up with a few of your own too!

Implications - The world is currently in a reflective phase having just endured an economic crisis as well as several unfavorable natural disasters. As such, professionals in all industries are re-evaluating ideas which were once classified as negative, such as dripping paint. Companies looking to innovate should similarly de-construct commonly held perceptions of a product and try to repackage or repurpose those products in more more favorable light.