Street Art By Zevs

 - Aug 23, 2008
I love the logos series by Zevs, who was one of the pioneers of the French street art scene. The collection was recently shown at the Lazarides Gallery in London.

The logos are a really strong but simple concept and I love the effect of the dripping paint. Some people who feel the need to over-conceptualise say this gives an appearance of them dissolving. I am not sure about that,but I personally really like the look of them. Although, it does look as if the McDonald's logo has just been sick over itself.

Zevs is a graffiti artist who started exhibiting in galleries; in the early '90s, he was best known for spraying the abandoned railway tracks and the streets of Paris.

I have also included pictures of his work on the actual streets where it looks so much more effective than a clinical gallery environment - I love the CNN one.