From Rain Boot-Inspired Loafers to Designer Badland Kicks

 - Aug 21, 2012
The hipster desert boot is the latest must-have item in any stylish man's shoe closet.

The suave look is in no doubt an upgrade from conventional go-to Converse kicks. They sport high supports up to the ankle, a smooth and rounded toe as well as a lace-up design. The personality of the shoe comes into play with the material (ranging from suede to rain-boot plastic), patterning (they may be striped or studded) and, of course, color.

Epitomizing versatility, the desert boot is the ultimate accessory. It melds the casual sneaker and business-style loafer, boasting the ability to dress up any outfit with ease. Moreover, the high ankle means they can be worn in both summer and winter. These shoes may have been associated with hipster culture at some point, but their functionality makes them attractive to mainstream culture.