From Suave Tribal Accented Footwear to Retro-Futuristic Kicks

 - Dec 18, 2012
A lot of heavy hitter rhyme spitters are getting into the art of crafting their own certified Hip Hop sneakers. Nowadays you can find rappers collaborating with huge clothing apparel like Adidas to couture shoe lines like Christian Louboutin.

Lupe Fiasco just released a pair of the Vans OTW Stovepipe kicks, adding a tribal-inspired sneaker to his lineup of shoes. Most are well aware of Kanye West's line of style savvy sneaks. He collaborated with Nike to create Air Yeezy, a fashion-forward take on hi-top runners. Previously, West also teamed up with Louis Vuitton to present a handful of sneakers elegantly designed with the LV logo decorating the soles.

Hip Hop sneakers endorsed and created by beloved rap moguls are able to bring fans closer to their idols; creating a special bond that only rappers and their admirers can understand.