From Vintage-Like Glasses to Opulent Organic Sunshades

 - Nov 11, 2011
Sunglasses don't only protect the eyes from the sun, they also make a fashion statement, and even more so if they're some of these hip, handcrafted shades. Handmade products usually have a high level of detail and production, making them one-of-a-kind accessories. These sunglasses are no exception, which is why there they are a good option for those looking to stand out in the sun.

Made from materials such as wood, metal and plastic, this type of eye wear is usually produced under the highest standards of quality, which explains their high prices. Additionally, some of these shades are eco-friendly like the ones manufactured by the company Woodzee; they are made of wood and one tree is planted each time a pair is sold.

Available in different styles and shapes, these hip handcrafted shades have all the right qualities to enhance all outfits.