Heidi Klum in “Who's Got Milk?”

 - Oct 19, 2008
Heidi Klum honors her European heritage in the "Who’s Got Milk?" photoshoot above in which she flaunts her yodeling skills. While the Milk Mustache campaign has had several celebrity faces, none have ever played up a German stereotype… what a way to promote dairy!

Flaunting her golden locks in braided pigtails, Heidi Klum gets right into character to star as a an Alp girl dressed in ‘traditional’ German garb, short, fluffy skirt and all. In the video, Heidi poses first with a cow, then with a goat, and offers her take on why milk is important.

While some Germans would be offended by this, most will appreciate that Heidi’s having fun with the stereotypes of Bavarian milkmaids, as silly as they are. People Magazine even called it "Project Yodeler."

Check out the video for some behind-the-scenes footage of the Heidi Klum Got Milk? photo shoot.

Pigtails and a mustache certainly won’t convince me to drink dairy, but I have to admit, I’m inspired for Halloween now!