- Jul 11, 2014
People tend to fixate on diet fads that avoid food groups all together such as gluten products, dairy and meat; yet this collection of healthy cheese recipes shows that as long as people incorporate this particular ingredient in conscious ways, it can be enjoyed immensely throughout the year. Unless, of course, a person is lactose intolerant.

With these examples of healthy cheese recipes, tasty dishes are only a heartbeat away. Instead of deep-frying the dairy product or loading it on top of unhealthy dishes such as fast food hamburgers and pizzas, people can pair it with fresher food items. From raw vegetables and balsamic dressings to nutritious grains and sweet fruits, cheese is a versatile ingredient that goes with just about anything. Healthy cheese recipes exist in abundance for those who love to cook and eat.

From Refreshing Summer Appetizers to Guilt-Free Pasta Dishes: