From Hi-Tech Wireless Earbuds to Amplified Hearing Aids

 - Jan 12, 2015
Music lovers form intimate attachments to the accessories that bring them their favorite sounds. Here we've been presented with a whole new collection of headphones at CES 2015 that audiophiles will absolutely love. Whether your preferences lie in bulky headsets or barely-there earbuds, there's a guarantee that you'll be seduced by a pair of these innovative listeners.

One set of completely cordless earphones boasts 3D-printed manufacturing, superior comfort and the in-progress capacity to analyze the wearer's surroundings. For the hearing impaired, a cutting-edge hearing aid add-on can increase the volume on everything, including an original output for music. Gesture-controlled headphones and avant-garde-looking headpieces captured the attention of the many at CES 2015, with a range of contemporary and eccentric-looking designs.