From Edible Stationery Sets to Enchanting Gelatin Treats

 - Sep 20, 2011
Now that the last installment has premiered in the theaters these Harry Potter-inspired treats will help you through your Potter withdrawal. The Harry Potter franchise obviously had a huge impact on our culture, so it's not surprising that its influence has permeated our cuisine. It is clear from her books J.K. Rowling is a food lover. Her vivid descriptions of the wizarding world's various magical delicacies leave home cooks and chefs alike with ample inspiration for some truly fascinating sweets.

Touching on everything from chocolate frogs to sugar quills, these treats have inspired magical creations in kitchens around the globe. It may take more than a wave of a wand, but these adorable confectioneries are well worth the effort. So, give your home a touch of wonder with these Harry Potter-inspired treats.