- Sep 21, 2012
Whether you're an Angry Birds addict or Zelda zealot, if you choose a Halloween gamer costume, chances are you will get a lot of respect and recognition when you go out on October 31st.

Now that video games are fully entrenched in mainstream culture, there's no better time to dress up as your favourite gaming-themed character. There are so many iconic characters to choose from, it's easy to get overwhelmed in the decision-making process.

The great thing about Halloween gamer costumes is that they give you a chance to really be creative. You can even mix and match items from different games to come up with something totally unique and original. How cool would it be to see a Super Mario Mega Man or a Princess Peach Pikachu?

No matter what character(s) you decide to go with, these costume ideas should provide you with some inspiration to put together something that earns you a high score on Halloween.

These Geeky Outfits and Accessories Make Ideal Halloween Gamer Costumes: