From Bizarre Butchered Meat Photography to Pig Flesh Dwellings

 - May 9, 2012
These carnivorous creations spotlight the many ways humans have transformed their relationship with meat. Individuals have moved away from meat as a source of sustenance to a new material for various creations in everything from fashion to art. Society has grown tired of just eating meat and has decided to give it a second life and a new, although not particularly practical, use.  Meaty substitutes have come to stand in for traditional mediums and have transformed art, fashion and home decor.

Meaty materials have become the go-to fabric for clothes, artworks, accessories and even food choices, going so far as crossing into the realm of desserts. This adoption of unorthodox material is in part due to the fact that artists and designers, of all sorts, are struggling to become recognized in restrictive and competitive industries.  What better way to generate buzz and one-up competition than to employ flesh in your daring creations?

Everyone wants a piece of the pie, so much so they are willing to use meat.