The After School Staple Lives On in Pop Culture

 - Apr 28, 2012
There is nothing more comforting than a slice of melted cheese placed between two well-buttered pieces of fluffy toast, which is why the power of the grilled cheese sandwich will never fail. This zesty, melty, oh-so-easy-to-make treat has supported many through all stages of life. As a child, you looked forward to having a gooey slice with your Saturday morning cartoons; in your college years, grilled cheese served as the perfect drunken munchie snack. Chances are you'll be serving some salty-cheesy goodness to your kids, too.

In the age of the modern foodie, this iconic salty treat has been remixed tons of times. Whether given a gourmet twist or an odd dessert-friendly makeover, the stringy sandwich lives on. Go fry yourself up a good ol' grilled cheese and check out these tempting cheesy treats.