From the OctoMermaid to Golden Disco Mermaids

 - Nov 1, 2009   Updated: Jul 12 2011
I won't lie to you guys, I used to have a thing for the Little Mermaid. I was five, and she was two-dimensional, but love didn't care about all that.

In honor of my love for Ariel, as well as my respect for all fictional woman/fish hybrids, I have compiled the top 20 mermaid innovations. From the OctoMermaid to to golden disco mermaids, enjoy all of the fish friendly finds.

Implications - Currently consumers are fascinated with forms of entertainment that portray mystical and magical themes as they are surreal and encourage creativity. These consumers seek products that make reference to mystical characters or themes so that they can express their values and interests to their peers. Companies can cater to target markets who appreciate fantasy by manufacturing items that possess these qualities.