- Jan 24, 2013
Surprisingly, don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy these gold-infused foods. Coming in a wide variety of options as well as price points, these items take opulence to another level to include edible luxury goods.

While you won't find a solid gold brick within any of these items, you'll find a substantial amount of gold leaf, which is an extremely thin form of the shiny stuff. Bakers have consistently used the stuff as a garnish on special order items, but they are now moving into the mass creation market where lollipops, cakes and desserts are being created for sale in exclusive shops. If you can't make it to one of them, you could always head over to one of the five star hotels that offer desserts laden with gold; it'll only take a short flight.

From Golden Nugget Pops to Gilded Candy Treats: