From Luxe Speedy Pet Beds to Art Deco Dog Homes

 - Nov 11, 2013
Giftable pet beds are perfect for your friends who are recent dog or cat owners.

With the holidays approaching, it's time to decide what the most appropriate present to get your closest friends is. While jewelry or new kitchen supplies are always nice, these items can often go unused or unworn for awhile. If you have a friend who's a pet owner, they'll definitely appreciate something for their new little animal friend, as chances are it's something they'd have to end up buying anyway.

To show this new pet just how much it's already loved, spoil them with a fancy bed they'll instantly feel at home in. For example, dog beds by Cedal look like mini human beds, as they have a mattress, a headboard and pillows so your dog will feel instantly relaxed.

Just as humans need their own space, pets need theirs too; and pampering them with their own pet suite or outdoor cottage will make them feel like royalty.

Although this present is more for the pet than the owner, giftable pet beds will ensure this new dog or cat will always be nice to you when you visit.