From Arcade Gamer Blankets to Cosmic Trekkie Covers

 - Dec 31, 2012
Gamers, pop culture aficionados and nerds in general are going to want to check out all of these geeky quilts and blankets. The majority of these blankets are designed to appeal to retro geeks, with patterns paying tribute to everything from Star Trek to Super Mario Bros. That being said, some of these quilts and blankets pay tribute to more modern pieces of tech and pop culture touchstones.

Even the most hardcore of geeks would be reluctant to purchase an entire bed spread filled with images from video games or TV shows. That's what makes these geeky quilts and blankets so great. They allow you to fly your geek flag without going overboard. Additionally, since many of these blankets were made by Etsy merchants, each one is basically a one-of-a-kind design.