From Pokemon Kitchen Apparel to Star Wars Smocks

 - Dec 1, 2011
As my cooking skills increase, so does my desire to own one of these geeky cooking garments. Since its inception, the apron has been a tongue-in-cheek way for a chef to show some personality. Aprons such as "Kiss the Cook" and "Hail to the Chef" have paved the way for the geeky cooking garments seen here.

What better way to show your nerdiness than by cooking up some burgers in a Darth Vader or Sailor Moon apron? Being a geek in the 21st century is nothing to be ashamed of. Nowadays people are free to let their geek flags fly whether they are at a Comic-Con or in the kitchen. If you desire something a little nerdier than "Kiss the Cook," then check out all of these geeky cooking garments.