Paying Tribute to a Few of Gareth Pugh's Amazing Fashion Lines

 - Apr 11, 2011
From the religious iconography within his glamorously dark winter 2011/2012 collection to the space age silver surcoats within his spring/summer 2011 line, Gareth Pugh proves that he goes far beyond the standard when it comes to fashion.

The most eminent of the ten powerful Pugh fashion innovations is his Fujiwara Fall/Winter 2010 collection, which embraces ankle-length men's skirts. This collection takes a variety of taboo, futuristic, unthinkable and eccentric Pugh works, such as his extreme architectural apparel, spiked beachwear and dark alienesque artography, to show that fashion design is an undeniable art form when combined with otherworldliness. Gareth Pugh’s innovation lies in his ability to perfectly combine the two and it’s superbly apparent in Pugh’s 2010/2011work featured thus far.