- Jan 5, 2012
From jewelry to furniture made with skins and furs, fur is all over the design world!  The use of brightly colored, spotted, or even faux fur seems to prove that every artist knows just how to use fur fashion and strike the balance between classy and tacky; a line which is easy to cross with such a bold material.

On runways and high fashion editorials in particular, furs are seen both as centrepieces and as accessorizing tools that serve to bring out that extra something special in the model and her outfit. The resurgence of fur in the fashion world is greatly helped by modern interpretations of the traditional "grandma mink coat" which includes cropping, cinching and even smaller head and neck pieces.

Whether in fashion, art, or home decor, fur’s influence is both adaptable and timeless!

Fur is Everywhere From Vibrant Runways to Fabulous Furniture: