- Dec 16, 2011
Floral prints are no longer only synonymous with womenswear, floral menswear is now on the rise. Recent menswear fashion collections are embracing the beauty and vibrant colors associated with botanical prints.

Top clothing designers and shoe manufacturers are taking inspiration from the organic with lovely flower-inspired creations that push the traditional boundaries of fashion. Going against the grain, designers are creating masculine menswear styles that have a soft and feminine inspiration behind them.

From flower-infused ensembles and aloha menswear to garden-inspired shoes and head pieces, these dynamic men’s styles are the perfect eye-catching pieces to get you noticed. These kaleidoscopic staples are fashion forward, often with a vintage inspiration. It takes a real man to rock these eye-popping floral prints with confidence. From elegant ensembles to bizarre accessories, these detailed, distinctive and fearless menswear looks pay homage to flower power.

From Flower-Printed Ensembles to Botanical Footwear: