From Toroidal Photography Lenses to HD Instant Cameras

 - Feb 25, 2017
Among the top February 2017 photography concepts are both hardware and software solutions for professionals, serious hobbyists, and amateurs alike. With photography becoming more and more accessible — most people walk around all day with a high resolution camera in their pockets, after all — the need for excellent photography tools has never been more pronounced.

On the software side, an app like MyGearVault recognizes one of the benefits (and ironic drawbacks) of living in a competitive era for photography hardware. The app is essentially a digital inventory to help professional photographers keep their piles of gear managed and insured.

In terms of hardware, one of the most interesting consumer products is the Polaroid Pop, which was on display at CES 2017. The small, square device takes high resolution pictures and immediately prints them, a reference to the Polaroid instant film cameras of days gone by.