From Brain Slug Beanies to Evil Santa Toys

 - Jul 29, 2011
Many may think that Futurama is funnier than Family Guy. There, I said it. To prove that statement, I have compiled a collection of fantastic Futurama features for your viewing pleasure.

Futurama originally began life on Fox, where it was eventually cancelled to the surprise of diehard fans such as myself. After years of fan grumbling and outstanding DVD sales, the show was brought back to life on Comedy Central. This revival brought Futurama back into the forefront of pop culture and lead directly to the creation of many of these fantastic Futurama features.

Fans of Bender are in for a treat as the badass, partying robot is the inspiration behind more than a few of these fantastic Futurama features. While I love me a Bender iPod pouch and DVD case, I still give the nod to the real-life can of Slurm in terms of awesomeness. Slurms McKenzie, this one's for you.