- Aug 17, 2011
Many say that accessories make an outfit, and that saying has never been more true than it is this season. The recent Fall 2011 accessory collections are impressive and definitely memorable.

Heels are higher, jewelry pieces are bigger and brighter and sneakers are more outrageous than you’ve ever seen them. Leaving understated designs behind , the Fall 2011 accessory collections are all about getting noticed. Whether you’re into tribal, bohemian styles or edgy styles with a touch of punk-rock chic, the fall season is the best time to update your style with some great accessories.

Rather than spending a fortune on a new fall wardrobe, accessories are the easiest way to spice up your look and try out the latest trends. These Fall 2011 accessory collections let you do just that.

From Sky-High Heels to Beautifully Bold Baubles: