Mocking Other People's Mistakes Through Photoblogs and Microsites

 - Nov 29, 2010   Updated: Aug 30 2011
Fail sites have become a staple in humor, with endless Internet memes and tons of timeless jokes to tell your friends. Though sometimes cruel, fail sites are almost always hilarious; you're sure to bust a gut over your monitor.

The assortment of fail sites that are available is mind-blowing. From People of Wal-Mart to Damn You Auto Correct, here are some of the funniest fail blogs out there:for now.

Implications - Consumers in general, and youth consumers specifically, are compelled by a type of humor that borders on schadenfreude. In part, this type of humor is attractive because it asserts the consumers own ego through the process of mocking other people. Companies should create strategic marketing campaigns with fallible characters to appeal to this demographic.