From Needlepoint SMS to Artistic Profanity

 - Jul 20, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
It's time to pull out the good old needle and thread because embroidery is finding its way back into the mainstream. Whether in art, fashion or humor - embroidery is making its mark.

This cluster features embroidered anatomies, yetis, plates, SMS and profanity. Who would imagine that you could cuss out your enemies with embroidery?

Implications - Embroidery is an activity once reserved for grandmothers; however, it is swiftly becoming a favored pastime amongst consumers looking to express themselves creatively while honing a skill. This marriage of modern attitudes and old-school hobbies results in quirky, stylish embroidery that remains edgy, but is still wholesome. Thus, embroidery is trickling into the fashion, art and design industries in an unconventional way.