From Skimpy Shark Bite Swimsuits to Zoological Swimwear Designs

 - Jul 25, 2013
The summer season is the perfect time for swimming and lounging at the beach, and if you're looking for something quirky and offbeat to wear while frolicking in the water, then these eccentric swimsuit designs will definitely offer up some great options.

Bathing suits are often created with sleek and sexy designs, looking to cater to a much more youthful audience who enjoys that revealing and sensual look. These eccentric swimsuits however, are more for individuals who are looking for something quirky and usual to wear to the beach. Featuring eclectic references to underwater creatures, pop culture icons and popular children shows, these eccentric swimsuit designs will surely have others by the water appreciating your original style.

From hipster slang swimwear to laser-cut beachwear looks, these eccentric swimwear designs will definitely add a pop of personality to your overall appearance.