From Feathers and Spikes to Mohawks and Zombie Print

 - Nov 27, 2009   Updated: Jul 4 2011
It's fair to say that almost every woman owns a pair of pumps, but how many people can say they own a really eccentric pumps? I'm not talking about a bold color, I'm talking about heels with spikes, shoes with painted-on narwhals and mohawk heels. We've gathered a collection of gloriously over-the-top shoes like these and more, which you can see in the slideshow of eccentric pumps above.

Implications - Prominent media moguls are prompting their fans to embrace their own individual styles rather than conforming to the crowds. These consumers now seek products that have rare designs, or that are customizable to their tastes so that they can portray their personalities to their peers. Companies can manufacture goods with these features to appeal to expressive target markets.