From Drapery Menswear to Hot Hanging Capes

 - Nov 4, 2010   Updated: Jul 19 2011
The way clothing lies on the body is extremely important to whether or not it looks good, which is something that draped fashions capitalize on. Draped fashions normally do not follow a shape too closely, making them the perfect choice for frame-conscious fashionistas.

Draped fashions also seem to be a re-occurring trend in fashion, as you can tell by this toga-inspired list of darling drapery to spice up any wardrobe.

Implications - Needless to say, draped frocks are also extremely comfortable in comparison to tight and constricting apparel. They allow the wearer to move around with ease, and keep cool due to the breathable folds. Draped garments are ideal for professional office settings and are very flattering at formal events.