From DIY Animal Winter Wear to DIY Snow Plow Shoes

 - Oct 9, 2013
With the weather starting to get colder outdoors, there's no better time to start prepping your closet with cozy ensembles, and these DIY winter accessories are a great way to stay warm without spending a fortune.

Since getting ready for the winter season often requires having multiple things such as jackets, hats, mittens and scarves, the cost of acquiring all these items can be slightly overwhelming. That's why opting to make some of these accessories yourself is a great cost-effective alternative to buying them at the store. From adorable animal-eared beanies to marble scarves and snow plow shoes, these DIY winter accessories will definitely have you prepped and ready to face the harsh, winter season.

Perfect for crafty individuals looking to customize their winter gear, these DIY accessories will definitely add a unique, personalized touch to any outfit.