From Rustic Chocolate-Made Tools to Deceptive Pub Grub Cakes

 - May 24, 2013
If you're looking to make your dad something unique and quirky for this coming Father's Day, then these macho desserts for dad are the perfect gifts for any father who loves sweet treats.

While baking up some cupcakes or confectionary desserts for your dad may seem a bit too feminine for his liking, these macho dessert recipes encompass a much more rugged and manly appeal that fathers will surely appreciate. Utilizing references such as handyman tools, hearty ingredients such as meat and bacon, and even showcasing outlines of mustaches, these dessert recipes are able to merge masculine references with scrumptious ingredients in a creative manner.

From cupcakes that look like barbecued burgers to those topped with stripes of bacon, these macho desserts for dad will certainly make Father's Day an enjoyable experience.