From Doggie Jewelry to Chic Dog Neckties

 - Sep 15, 2012
These customized canine collars ensure your pooch will always walk around in style. From jewel-encrusted neckties to designs with beer-openers, these chic doggy accessories are great for showing off.

Opulence appears to be at the forefront of recent designs, with some people shelling out thousands of dollars just for a collar. If you are able to afford it, why not bling your canine out to the nines and show off his sense of hip fashion. Although your dog won't know the difference, it's always nice knowing your pooch is just as fashionable as you are.

Customized canine collars come in all shapes and sizes, so don't worry about not finding one for your dog. Just be ready to shell out a decent amount of money for making that pooch look stunning.